Thanksgiving 2022

It is good to have a set time every year to mark our THANKSGIVINGS! And this year is beyond exception!

Perhaps if you are a Christian, Psalm 92 would be your praise song to the Creator, the Giver of life:

It is good to sing your praises and to thank you, O Most High,
Showing forth your loving-kindness when the morning lights the sky.
It is good when night is falling of your faithfulness to tell,
While with sweet, melodious praises songs of adoration swell.

When we consider the current news events (wars, floods, storms, shootings, robberies, traffic events and even personal health concerns and consumer price increases) everyday things that we all see and hear and experience on our TVs, computers, ipads, iphones and from friends, relatives and word of mouth, we have every reason to be THANKFUL for the communities we live in.

It seems to me to be especially so, when we look around us and see the seasonal changes in the environment near us. Every tree, bush, flowers and grasses are putting on their best. If you are able, go and visit your nearest park or take a drive to see the views in the countryside all around. It is spectacular!

My son just returned from a week camping in Algonquin Park and brought back some spectacular photos, one of which heads this post. The maple tree in our backyard is just now turning into a flaming torch of red. The fire bush in the front yard is doing its best to compete in completing the red all-around decor of our neighbourhood. Across the street our neighbour has another maple tree that will turn into a bright red to orange in the next week. There are yellows and bright greens on the conservation path near our community. My roses are giving their one last magnificent burst of flowers. Clumps of purple asters are growing along sideroads and the fields of soybean and corn are ready to harvest, with the apple crop abundant in its variety. The sumacs are stunning as they change into their Fall colours. The scenes are alive with the music of nature’s autumn songs.

If you are alive today, you can enjoy all of that. It is free!

Then giving THANKS is not too hard! Try it!

JS October 6, 2022

Appleby Line

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