The Oxford dictionary defines this word as meaning that a person/or (nation) is; aggressive, assaultive, combative, contentious, defiant, hostile, threatening, antagonistic, bull-necked, quarrelsome, hot tempered, battling, scrappy, warlike, militant, mean, fierce, having a bone to pick or having a chip on their shoulder…. anyway you get the picture.

There have been many instances like this in the past. Let’s name a few: the Pharaoh of Egypt when the Israelites asked for permission to leave; Goliath and David; King Ahab for Nabot’s vineyard; King Herod with the little children of Bethlehem; Rome expanding their Empire; the Spanish Armada threating the English; the US army war against the Native people (Seminole) of Florida; Napoleon’s wars against anyone; Hitler against Europe; America in Iraq; tragic power failures in Afghanistan; ISIS in Syria, Putin and the Ukraine crisis, and many others. All are examples of instances of belligerence. (the act of being belligerent)

All these were either personal or national in scope, for power (authority) and revenge or aggrandization couched in political or religious reasons. Usually a mix-up of both for politics and control (authoritarianism) is as religion is to faith.

And so we are there again, like the times of the ‘Munich agreement’: arguing , pleading, disputing, taking liberty with facts and history, refusing to accept the present status, pleading for peace, showing the fallacies of re-visioning the historic past to legitimize the new future. Followed by the usual responses of no, we are not interested in war, we are peaceful, we just want justice and freedom. But the telling and showing are not in sync, for in the meantime: I will show (off) to you what it takes to get my way: men and might; overwhelming numbers; guns; threatening of lives and lively-hoods, jail and taking away one’s freedom: destruction, war! and political slavery.

A little bit of that (belligerent) spirit we saw recently with the truckers convoy movement here in Canada. Ordinary people came together because they were upset with health (safety) concern mandates coupled with Government actions necessary to protect citizens from the deadly virus that was tearing through our neighbourhoods and communities. No one thought or felt this was (a lark) nice….. certainly all of us were frustrated, upset, scared, angry at times and very, very sad when this death virus brushed into our lives, family and friends. It turned our world upside down! What could we collectively do to stem the march of this unholy guest?

Well, use the smarts and knowledge we had at hand: keep our distance and if needed isolate, get medical help (develop vaccines) use stats to pin point the hives of outbreaks and use whatever protection necessary, communicate and inform, make life possible by economic assistance and if you are religious pray for the healing of our people and land.

In order to do all this you will need to disrupt (crack) the status quo, people and organizations will get hurt, curtailed in doing their business, loss of income with mental and bodily fatigue. Some (students) lost part of their usual social well-being. Lives were interrupted and accomplishments postponed or failed. Many dug into their life savings to survive and we all were affected. Not one of us escaped. You know the slogan: We are in this together!

So some of your freedom was curtailed and now you started to mope and blame the government, for what? manufacturing the VIRUS? mandating ways that perhaps could keep us all functioning by doing new things differently? Come on, get it straight! Are we now against the Canadian democratic system that we are so proud off. Did it slip? Well yes, a little out of necessity to get us where we are today, almost free of the severity of the disease! Have we licked it yet? No, but the effort has been unrelenting, would you not agree? Did we get it right and fine tuned from the beginning? No, but none of us have ever experienced this before. The Sars scare was maybe a river, the Asian flu like a creek but this was Niagara Falls 10 times over.

Be thankful your country took on the hard lifting (and was not indifferent) to keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

We are free (no war is threatening) and living in a jewel of a country envied by many in the world. Let’s rebuild even stronger! Hands together and held tightly. The world is watching!

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” –Mother Teresa

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” —Susan Jenkins

JS February 23, 2022

Also for another view on Truckers Convoy and Vaccinations see www Reality Check by Elbert Donkersgoed

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