A neighbourhood at (anxious) rest….

April 6, 2020

It seems that my neighbourhood has come to rest, that is the traffic on streets is less. The people in my community are coming into the streets. They are walking, jogging and working outside on their gardens. As we walk down the sidewalks everyday we meet people who when they see us will cross the street or move to the side to provide a larger space for us to pass. Social-distancing it is now called. A friendly gesture to keep us safe. Give no chance for virus spreading in this time of the Corona.

As I look down the street it reminds me of the days in the 1950’s when the traffic was light, especially on Sundays as all the stores were closed. So again today, only essential businesses are allowed to be open. We are told that the air pollution is way down and some experts suggest that maybe the environment will get its much deserved rest from human exploitation and nature will rebound with freshness and renewal.

There is also big caution and concern that less human activity will hurt people in their ability to look after their personal and family needs. No migrant workers, no harvest. Businesses (small (many) businesses especially) with no work will go bankrupt, people will be unemployed, rent payments and mortgages will be postponed, goods and services will be reduced to a trickle. Depression and anxiety will rise because of uncertainty and despair among the masses. Pensions will empty out of funds. Hospitals and staff are already cramped with fewer medical supplies and ability to take care for people who have the virus. Society as we know it, will ground to a halt. Of course most dire predictions are about the economy, the Canadian stock market down again today by 113 point to an index at 12,576. Banking will see great monetary pressures. Government leaders will be become irritable as civil and authority conditions deteriorate. Even now countries trying to procure medical supplies are getting irritated by others pirating their intended supply shipments. Unity and co-operational support for each other is turning into each country for itself.

Above all there is the darkness of not knowing what next week will bring. There are predictions but it is not possible to piece the darkness we feel and see threatening its way into our communities.

In the book of Ecclesiastes it reads: ‘above all get wisdom’. Let wisdom speak in this day and age. Let the wise say: If one falls we can all fall. One link can break the chain that holds back the virus enemy. 

A quote from Patrick Henry ‘Now is the time for all great men to come to the aid of their (party) country’.

Our country, our people are in need. Thanks for the front line workers, doctors, nurses and other essential workers. They are truly practicing the words of Jesus: ‘this is what our Scriptures come to teach: in everything, in every circumstance, do to others as you would have them do to you’.

Even by staying home…..you show loving concern for your neighbours. Practice it and be content. Wear your masks.

This too will pass!

Pray God for the virus to stop.

Confirmed cases:  Canada: 16,438; deaths 321 2%     USA: 36,2573; deaths 10,720  3%    World: 1,339,548; deaths 74,395 over 6%

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