Good Friday 2020

Email sent to family: (April 10, 2020)

It is now the 75th day since the virus landed in ON, Canada. (January 25)

We have been home now for 4 weeks and it looks like that may stretch into another 4 weeks or maybe more…… who knows, will we ever get back to NORMAL? Many say: No way! Things will be changed forever. Perhaps we can look back when it is all over, that this change was a chance for a NEW beginning.

We have not been out shopping since March 12 although A. has gotten us some bread, bananas and a few other little things, we still have enough for now. The fancy stuff will need to wait. We are thinking of maybe next Wednesday to stock up our small supply and go to No Frills or Fresco. Our toilet paper is holding out; but soon…………

This infrequent kind of shopping is not helping the economy!

We have taken some walks in the neighbourhood and noticed that the shrubs and trees are starting to bud. Rhubarb is pushing up in the garden.

It is difficult to plan ahead. All events and meetings are on hold. The annual BFM Thrift Store volunteer appreciation dinner for Apr 18 will not be happening.

Had a Zoom session with some of my Ambassadors singers yesterday and they are talking of August events, but I doubt whether that will ever happen.

Yesterday we also had a church zoom prayer meeting but it had bad audio and very repeated prayer requests. Some 22 people joined the zoom session. Not sure this a good and edifying way to connect. (one participant answered the phone on screen and had a conversation with the caller for a while?)

P. emailed us a ‘Good Friday’ zoom service at church for later today and we will have one at our church for Easter Sunday? We will see…..

We are reading a book about the French resistance activities during WW2. What a bad time that was…….. see …….what we are experiencing today is a ‘walk in the park’ as they say.

Weather-wise it has been a few good days and so we have done some yard work because on Monday will be the first yard-waste pickup. I think the lawn will need to be mowed soon. All the crocuses and snowdrops are finished blooming. How quick it goes.

Saw some snow this morning at the end of the rain but now it is sunny and very windy.

We are trusting that you are all well and pray for those who need to attend to our essential services especially the few of you who are working in health-care and others who meet directly with the public.

We pray God will keep you safe.

Seems everyone at this time is still working and we hope and pray that will continue.

Watched a video this morning from G. Christian school where Z. is the music program leader. A very nice chapel video with singable Christian songs especially aimed at the kids.

Not sure when schools will start again, the last I heard was that the public schools will remain closed till May 6th.

Blessings to K. who has had eye surgery. Pray for healing ‘eradication’ of the tumour in her eye. 

Wishing you all a Good Friday and a Blessed Easter!

The Lord has risen, he has risen indeed! Take Care!


Here is a link to the Dutch Easter hymn ‘Daar juicht een toon’. A song I remember singing in de Kerk in Groningen with the congregation and a big organ.

You can find the translation,

Here is the ‘Nederland Zingt’ video: