Like squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle…*

May 4, 2021 – We are in the last stretch……..

Over 30% of Canadians have now received their first shot. The medical people tell us that when we get to 60% to 75% the virus should start to disappear and with that many vaccinated persons the chances of catching a severe case of Covid sickness should be limited to like a mild flu. The experts say we can get back to normal maybe in the later part of this year’s 2021 summer. It all depends on vaccine availability and the population’s desire to get vaccinated.

The information about blood-clotting for the Johnson & Johnson and the Astra-Zeneca vaccines complicates the administration of the sparse supply of the vaccines now on hand. Many people who have obtained an inoculation appointment are now changing their minds and asking for another vaccine. This will slow down the volume of those inoculated and will make it longer to obtain crowd immunity.

We have been promised (emphasis is on the word ‘promised’) millions of Pfizer and Moderna supplies coming each week in the month of May 2021 which hopefully will increase the volume of people with at least one shot driving us toward the where the sickness caused by the virus will not be so severe and only be mild. This will eventually result in the eradication of the virus altogether.

We are tired and languishing. But yes, we are seeing the end of the tunnel. The darkness is turning to more hopeful signs of normalcy.

However, for now the numbers are still bad (Ontario has over 900 people in ICU) we are encouraged by the forward striving of Health care for Covid patients and the ‘promises’ of more vaccines.

The ‘anti-vaxxers’ are still loud and strong. It is tough to convince them (like squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle) that the Covid restrictions** are not about personal and civil rights but about defeating the virus. And even though there are many stories of people who had loved-ones affected by the Covid and strongly advise others to take care; get vaccinated; this virus is brutal, no kidding!

Do not let your guard down, use common sense, be safe, protect yourself; protect your neighbour.

Together we can get there.

JS – May 5, 2021 –

  • * Gospel of Matthew the nineteenth chapter
  • ** we admit some restrictions are not perfect and make a lot of us more anxious and even sad.