It has been 5 weeks now since I had my by-pass surgery. It has been a slow time. Slow in getting back to normal. The places that were operated on can easily be seen and felt. The long scar on the left leg where the extra body parts were harvested and the scarred chest where the surgeon performed the ‘heart’ of the matter so to speak are all signs of the extensive and invasive operation.

Google You Tube has a video that describes this procedure: see:

Healing, I was told will be ‘weeks’ and not always easy, so Patience and following the well documented instructions are the key to better health. Sleeping, eating, coughing or swallowing or putting on your socks was a chore and always with apprehensive care that something could go wrong. On this journey it helps to speak to those who have traveled here before.

There is a book in the Bible called JOB where the devil ‘robbed’ a man of all his assets including his health, all with God’s permission. From this story we get the saying: He or she has the patience of JOB. Now my recollection is that JOB was not that patient with his humbled condition especially when his visiting friends accused him of being a liar and a cheat, a bad person. ‘God who sees all has punished you for all of that;’ his friends told him. But JOB insisted they were wrong and became very IMpatient with his friends including in his dialogue he had with God about his present condition.

Now I did not incur that kind of impatience (thank God for his goodness) but at times it seemed like I could be back to normal life but when I exerted myself, I found that weakness was ever with me. The body needs its time to heal and in my case, big time. My wife kept saying: ‘but John, it is major surgery you went through, be patient it will come.’

I will be.


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