Covid – 19

March 18, 2020 this is day 54 since the official announcement in (BC) Canada (January 25, 2020) that the virus is now among us.      

Stats as of March 17 are: Across Canada 558 confirmed, 12 recovered, 8 deaths, 21 pending.

We had known it would come but took a wait-see attitude. ‘we’ll deal with it when it arrives’ and when it did we said that is only one, we can manage.

Should we have stopped the inbound people and checked them for the virus when they got off the plane? Quarantined the whole plane load? Maybe we should have, in hindsight. However, how do you stop something you cannot detect by sight? or smell?

We are in it now ‘lock, stock and barrel’ as the saying goes.

The good thing about it is that Canadians are rallying around our leadership who been most promising with generous assistance of finances,services and good medical advice that will (hopefully) help everyone through this period of our ‘virus war’. We have learned from earlier  episodes of disasters; war; 9/11; and 2008 meltdown, that if we do not help each other using our own resources, all of us ( not just a few ‘unlucky ones’) will need to step up to preserve our own health, wealth, safety, prosperity and happiness. In other words ‘if one member suffers all suffer’ words the Apostle Paul wrote 2000 years ago to the Christian community in Corinth.

It feels odd, having to watch out for who you meet with and what you touch. Social distancing is now the key word. Don’t congregate or stand close to people. I filled up with gas this morning and noticed that I and others automatically stood 3 ft away from the others paying our bill.

 The invention of the internet has now come to help us with this disruption of community life and I believe will impact and change our lives going forward in yet unknown ways..

Virtual meetings, shows, church services, events, sports, gatherings and on-line class room education is blossoming. Purchases and email or virtual contacts will increase exponentially as we ramp up our use of this wonderful and powerful technology.

Yet we need to keep vigilant now. As our PM said: Keep an eye on your family and neighbours and make sure we cover for each other. If you are abroad, come home. Home; your place of comfort and security especially if you have to self-isolate.

Our neighbours are rushing to be home from Florida in the next few days.

Already this morning we found a note in our mailbox that our neighbours sent, volunteering to help with shopping etc. Other neighbours also sent us an email telling us to call or email if we need assistance.

These are turbulent times. We are in crisis. We are sad. We are watchful.

And yet in all these things there was a beautiful sunrise this morning giving us an assurance of the presence of GOD.

It reminded me of the hymn: When morning gilds the skies, my soul awaking cries: May Jesus Christ be praised.

And Jesus promise in his sermon on the mount: Do not worry what you shall eat or drink or wear for your Father God knows that you need all these things. But seek and do right acts and those things will be provided. (Good news)

Rest in the Lord; be safe. Keep healthy. Be a good neighbour.