The Jelly-Pudding Election

The following are listed as registered Political Parties in Canada (2021)

On the whim of one person, Justin Trudeau, Canada was cast into an election mode in the middle of a rising Covid-19 Delta pandemic. He said Canada needs him to show the way forward as we are in crisis mode. Many new initiatives need to be started by a strong unlimited political power. The Liberal Party!

And so we started the roller caster on the scripted track but it soon began to sway and became undone. What have we experienced so far?

No vaxxers protests near hospitals overrun by sick no-vaxxers; hiding personal vaccination status especially among (candidates) Conservatives; 620 million dollars wasted for election expenses; evading clear direction on vaccine passports; Jason Kenney’s blunder on “Open for the Summer” Alberta announcement boomeranging back with large number of ICU non-vaxxed sick people; USA border openings: Masks on orders in public indoor places; the rise of the Freedom Party otherwise known as People’s Party of Canada with Maxine Bernier; Trudeau’s claim only the Liberals (read: Justin) can solve Canadian problems; accusations by all parties of Gov’t neglect on Native issues (graves of children at Residential schools, land claims; water on Reservations); Covid-19 issues; Pipe lines; Climate change; Day care initiatives; messy plans and execution of ‘out of Afghanistan’ rescue of “friends of Canada”; housing crisis; and then the other little irritants of sexual misconducts and racist remarks (Oh boy, the internet has a long memory) and finally the National Debt among others.

With attack ads sickening the beautiful Fall of 2021, it is probably a good thing that the election is only 36 days long!

My prediction is a Liberal/Conservative near tie with all other parties increasing their votes and maybe we will have a few seats in Parliament for the unknown, even though the First Past the Post system will not be lenient in seeing ALL voices heard on the Hill, only those who shout the loudest!

When all is DONE, may respect, fairness and kindness still be the law of the land!

So much for democracy.

Like a real JELLY-PUDDING, the new government of Canada will quiver, tremble, shake, vibrate and almost flop over, but steady up as always.

Peace be with you. JS Monday morning 9 AM September 20, 2021

Book of Proverbs 29 verse 18 reads: “Where there is no vision from God, the people run wild, but those who adhere to God’s instruction know genuine happiness”. Translation: The Voice

The early Tuesday (Sep21) results are a mirror of the 2019 before: 158 (157) Lib; 119 (121) Con; 34 (32) BQ; 25 (24) NDP; 2 (3) Green; (1) Indep

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