“Like a kiss on the lips”

In in the book of Proverb at the 26th Chapter we read: ‘A straight answer is as precious as a kiss on the lips’.

I am at a loss.

My world has changed and I am confined to my home because there is a mist out in the neighbourhoods that is unseen and very present, it is called a virus. And not only just a virus but one that is changing and become deadlier, more contagious as it mutates and emerges in different strains, Covid-19; B117; B1.617 or P1. the 3rd Wave. Some of these new strains have travelled from far away places, Brazil; UK; South Africa; India. Attached to people and unknowingly spread in our communities. Friends and acquaintances have been affected and hospitalized. Businesses closed and people have been without work. Governments are patching the community’s economic holes with MONEY but it is not enough………………! Many are anxious and emotional unwell. Many are praying for the right solutions and answers.

We are afraid! and yet……… “They predict it will end; we are in this together.” But some are in it more than others and the end? when will that be?

Daily news surrounds us with rules and regulations that become more and more unworkable or simply not at all effective. Numbers and totals, percentages are given and the whole mess becomes a quagmire of information impossible to keep track of. Daily news casts of information sessions seem to be an endless speak of same old, same old words and phrases.

Doctors and nurses are praying and pleading for help and warning of disasters for those who are smitten by the viral Covid-19 mist.

How long will this last? Will the vaccinations help? When can we return to NORMAL. It seems like a never, never place.

Who has the answers and who is still listening?

I am at a loss.

Oh, who can give us a straight answer that will be like a kiss on the lips.

JS April 21, 2021

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Opa JanS

Retired; Octogenarian; Husband, father and Opa; interested in celebrating/contributing and distributing the blessings we have as Christians in Canada's fair land.