Covid Intelligence Lesson 101

You Tuber ‘Beau of the Fifth Column’ states:

For the USA this August 2021, the forecasts tell us that 100,000 people will die of Covid-19 in the next 90 days.

Covid-19 statistics gathered in the last 12 months indicate that if you wear a mask when out and about in the public, the number of deaths will drop to half (50%) so that number would be 50,000. 50,000 lives are saved. Although still too much, this (simple) prevention method seems effortless! Just wear a mask!

This means that if you do this, you can SAVE the lives of people like possibly your neighbour, your friend and yourself.

People, this is a no brainer. So why are you not doing this?

See: the Beau of the Fifth Column You tube info

JS AUGUST 30, 2021

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