The Jelly-Pudding Election

The following are listed as registered Political Parties in Canada (2021)

On the whim of one person, Justin Trudeau, Canada was cast into an election mode in the middle of a rising Covid-19 Delta pandemic. He said Canada needs him to show the way forward as we are in crisis mode. Many new initiatives need to be started by a strong unlimited political power. The Liberal Party!

And so we started the roller caster on the scripted track but it soon began to sway and became undone. What have we experienced so far?

No vaxxers protests near hospitals overrun by sick no-vaxxers; hiding personal vaccination status especially among (candidates) Conservatives; 620 million dollars wasted for election expenses; evading clear direction on vaccine passports; Jason Kenney’s blunder on “Open for the Summer” Alberta announcement boomeranging back with large number of ICU non-vaxxed sick people; USA border openings: Masks on orders in public indoor places; the rise of the Freedom Party otherwise known as People’s Party of Canada with Maxine Bernier; Trudeau’s claim only the Liberals (read: Justin) can solve Canadian problems; accusations by all parties of Gov’t neglect on Native issues (graves of children at Residential schools, land claims; water on Reservations); Covid-19 issues; Pipe lines; Climate change; Day care initiatives; messy plans and execution of ‘out of Afghanistan’ rescue of “friends of Canada”; housing crisis; and then the other little irritants of sexual misconducts and racist remarks (Oh boy, the internet has a long memory) and finally the National Debt among others.

With attack ads sickening the beautiful Fall of 2021, it is probably a good thing that the election is only 36 days long!

My prediction is a Liberal/Conservative near tie with all other parties increasing their votes and maybe we will have a few seats in Parliament for the unknown, even though the First Past the Post system will not be lenient in seeing ALL voices heard on the Hill, only those who shout the loudest!

When all is DONE, may respect, fairness and kindness still be the law of the land!

So much for democracy.

Like a real JELLY-PUDDING, the new government of Canada will quiver, tremble, shake, vibrate and almost flop over, but steady up as always.

Peace be with you. JS Monday morning 9 AM September 20, 2021

Book of Proverbs 29 verse 18 reads: “Where there is no vision from God, the people run wild, but those who adhere to God’s instruction know genuine happiness”. Translation: The Voice

The early Tuesday (Sep21) results are a mirror of the 2019 before: 158 (157) Lib; 119 (121) Con; 34 (32) BQ; 25 (24) NDP; 2 (3) Green; (1) Indep

Covid Intelligence Lesson 101

You Tuber ‘Beau of the Fifth Column’ states:

For the USA this August 2021, the forecasts tell us that 100,000 people will die of Covid-19 in the next 90 days.

Covid-19 statistics gathered in the last 12 months indicate that if you wear a mask when out and about in the public, the number of deaths will drop to half (50%) so that number would be 50,000. 50,000 lives are saved. Although still too much, this (simple) prevention method seems effortless! Just wear a mask!

This means that if you do this, you can SAVE the lives of people like possibly your neighbour, your friend and yourself.

People, this is a no brainer. So why are you not doing this?

See: the Beau of the Fifth Column You tube info

JS AUGUST 30, 2021

In the Gloria!

A quote from the poet – Emily Barret Browning (1806-1861) Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; And only he who sees takes off his shoes; The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries“.

Lang zal hij/zij leven, (Long may he/she live!)
Lang zal hij/zij leven, (Long may he/she live!)
Lang zal hij/zij leven, (Long may he/she live!)
In de gloria,
In de gloria,
In de gloria,
Hip, hip, hip, (hieperdepiep) hoera!
Hip, hip, hip, (hieperdepiep) hoera!
Hip, hip, hip, (hieperdepiep) hoera!

This is an old Dutch song that is sung when someone has a birthday or other significant celebratory event in their life. Notice each phrase is repeated three times for special emphasis. The GLORIA has a special mention here, I think it means as long as life lasts and from then on and into an eternal different plain, FOREVER. Usually the person so honored would then distribute an edible gift to those present. (at school, everyone in the class would be offered a candy, or a piece of cake or cookie)

This year is a special year of celebrations for me. Not only is it my 80th birthday but also it will be exactly a year ago that I had my by-pass surgery. I received a miracle, I have healed and life is good!

There is so much in our lives to be thankful about. The recent events (July 2021) in the world, (floods in Europe and tornadoes in Barrie, ON, so close to home) made me realize again that the edge of despair is always close by. I am more aware of my most blessed position and residence, now that I will become an octogenarian, than ever before in my life.

In my father’s generation there are only a few who lived to be this old. My mother Trientje Oosterveld was 80 when she died; my dad, Derk was 78; my father’s mother, Oma Titia (Grasdijk) was 87, (she was a strong woman); my Opa Jan was 74; my Great-Opa Jan was 73; my dad’s older sister was 97, (she was still biking in her 80s) his one brother died at 56; the other brother was 80. On my mother’s side most of (her brothers and sisters) my aunts and uncles, died in their 70s or early 80s.

It has become a habit for me to note the obituaries in the Hamilton Spectator especially on Saturdays morning when there seems to be a long list of persons who have passed away during the previous week. I read that many are in the 80s and 90s and I am taking note!

Life is good! Longevity is what everyone wants and seeks for in their life. Medical advances, access to care, prescriptions or herbal additions are abundant in every pharmacy and the discovery and promotion of drugs and health products continue to be produced and manufactured everyday that have helped many persons manage and recover from health issues and concerns that killed people 100 years or even 50 years ago. Treatments and cures of every kind can be obtained and purchased. Some of these are extremely expensive as they are produced in small limited batches for exceptional diseases that only the rich or the well insured can afford. The promos for health products knows no end. Hospital medical surgery techniques now are wonderful and almost magical. (See the Covid treatments and vaccines development recently) Thank God for the Canadian Health Care benefits that we as citizens enjoy in this country.

But besides all of these wonders there is also much disappointment in that the obituaries, which do not cease, eloquently continue to describe and record the griefs and sorrows for the passing of a loved one. There is no end. It is what life is.

But life still also has its great “I’m alive” moments.

One of the greatest pleasures for me is to sit quietly outside in the early morning in a garden, a camping spot or place of restfulness somewhere, and just listen to your surroundings: the sound of a summer breeze in the trees; the song of a little wren; the fluttering of a bee, working already with the early morning light doing what bees do – busily gathering honey and spreading life’s fertility from plant to plant; lake water crystal clear lapping at the edge of a sandy beach; the sight of an ant carrying to its nest food for winter; the occasional tweet of the cardinal and the majestic posture of a blue heron in a misty sunlit pond and the bright yellow petals of the sunflower standing tall among its garden companions.

How sweet it all is. This then is a time to give thanks. A time for a soul to remember the goodness of life. A time to give thanks and say a prayer to the Giver of Life, to feel humbled by the created world we see, touch, smell and hear. Go ahead take a breath and smell aura of the garden. Doesn’t that give you a crisp new feeling of new hope, new starts, and the joy of ‘just being alive’ satisfaction?

And as you listen closely with you heart and soul, you will hear the whisper of God in the breeze, echoing in your resting soul stillness.

“For you my child, I made all this, come, enjoy, work and be joyful; till in the GLORIA.”

July 18, 2021 (on being 80 years young) JS

July 1, 2021 – O Canada!

1763 – A Proclamation by King George 3rd of England

the 1982 – Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

are they still in effect and effective for all CANADIANS?

June 11, 2008 Prime Minister Harper apologized to the Native community. Where are we now?

Still blind to our HISTORY?

the main featured picture was taken by JS – Listening to History (Bill Woodrow) – in Meijers Gardens, Grand Rapids, Mich. 2004 (click on link for info and a better picture)

July 2, 2021 JS

That second shot – 30%

The fear that gripped me (affecting us all) last March 2020 when it was ‘breaking news’ that a deadly virus was present in my neighbourhood, was removed for me this week-end by getting that 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine. It promises good protection from the virus and will give much needed reassurance in all of us moving slowly back to our normal way of life.

Halleluiah! Yes, literally ‘Praise God’ for the vaccines.

I know many would not express it that way as they would say: Science and good research and facilities operated by excellent minds made this happen. I appreciate and understand that praise for the efforts and smarts of the laboratorial medical men & women with the pharmaceutical enterprises ( and government funded vaccines) are to be commended and thanked, but hey- without the gifts of ‘earthly materials’ it would not be possible. These are the essence of the created world, with its unlimited resources, creatures and human beings and along with its many other wonders (wonderful) are a surely a God-like thing!

At a Mega-Clinic event, over 26,000 arms took the shot on Sunday, at the Toronto Scotia Bank Arena, a North American and perhaps a world record for vaccinations in one day at one location. Only in Canada you say?

Now 30% plus of Canadians have had 2 shots of these amazing vaccines for protection against the Covid-19 virus. May God be praised! and many protected from this deadly virus.

‘There is so much here (in the world), O Eternal One, so much You have made.
    By the wise way in which You create, riches and creatures fill the earth.’

Book of Psalms 104 verse 24 translation The Voice

June 29, 2021 JS

Lord, hear our cry!

Since writing about the Kamloops Residential School news and the whole issue of misguided leadership of church and state, I came across a news piece written by Reinder Smith a journalist (verslaggever) with RTV Noord. (a TV radio station in the province of Groningen, The Netherlands) He writes about an anniversary and a ship called ‘De Leusden’.

‘De Leusden’, a ship in which the City of Groningen, The Netherlands and the local Chamber of Commerce had a 1/9th ownership, sailed with the fleet of ships that the Dutch commercial traders had setup in 1621 known as the ‘De West-Indische Compagnie (WIC). This company profited much from the slave-trade-commerce, so prevalent in 1600s to early 1800s. This year (2021) will be the 400th Anniversary since that inaugural beginning. Reinder Smith remarks that he had not noticed any references to this 400th event in the present local news. Perhaps that is due to all the thoughts, questions and negative re-actions that we have noted (some call it our ‘woke’) in the last year or so about remembering and honoring historic figures and events. (Think statues, names on buildings, sport clubs and educational centers etc.)

‘De Leusden’ sailed for the Gold Coast (Ghana) to the fort called ‘Le Mina’ (built by the Portugese in 1482) on March 1, 1737 from the island Texel to facilitate the transport of persons (read – slaves) from there to the Dutch colony of Suriname (Paramaribo) to be sold for do slave-work on the sugar plantations. The sugar plantations were very prosperous for the Dutch. (see – ‘Hoe duur was de suiker’ – a book in Dutch by Cynthia McLeod and produced as a movie in 2013)

On November 19,1737 at ‘Le Mina’, they loaded onboard; 680 slave prison persons, a substantial load, thus promising great profitability even though the records of other slavery trade transports indicated that many would not survive the voyage across the Atlantic. (on a previous voyage ‘De Leusden’ had taken in 687 slaves and only 280 reached Suriname alive)

As the ship approached land, on January 1, 1738, the weather turned bad and Outtjes, the captain, sailed up the wrong river, the un-navigable Marowijne river instead of the usual Suriname river, causing the ship to hit a sandbank, flounder and capsize. The crew then proceeded to nail shut all the exits to the hold were the 680 slaves were housed, less the crew be in danger of being over-run, as space on the life boats were sufficient for the 73 sailors only.

The 664 persons in the hold of the ship died a terrible cruel death. There were 16 slaves that survived as they happened to be on deck when the ship sank and these were sold in Paramaribo (Suriname’s capital) for 4,140 guilders.

A trunk containing 23 kilos of gold however was rescued from the ship before it sank. The gold rescuers insisted they be paid for its salvage, which they eventually received.

Leo Balai‘s book – ‘Slave Ship Leusden: A Story of Mutiny, Shipwreck and Murder’ published in 2014 has pulled this story out of the forgotten history of The Netherlands.

At the time of the tragedy there is a record of letters concerning payment for the gold salvage, but shockingly no words or indications of regret and sorrow over the lives of 664 persons who died and drowned mercilessly on the ‘De Leusden’s’ final voyage. This was the worst loss of lives for a sea-ship tragedy in the history of seafaring for The Netherlands.

For sometime after there were conversations about raising a monument on the bank of the Marwijne river commemorating this event, however the project just faded away.

Where are we today? We have shut the door on many of these historic instances, trying hard to forget?, all these lessons we should have learned from. Many wrongs have been instigated by our collective ‘I think its OK’ culture, but on closer examination lacked any kind of compassion, justice or peace.

Think about it! Do something about it! Be part of the solution! To those who are able: Can you at least apologize and say ‘you are sorry?’

The Christian Reformed Church of North America CRCNA Contemporary testimony # 53 states:  

“We call on all governments (individuals and persons) to do public justice and to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, groups, and institutions so that each may do their tasks.
We urge governments and pledge ourselves to safeguard children and the elderly
from abuse and exploitation, to bring justice to the poor and oppressed,
and to promote the freedom to speak, work, worship, and associate.”

Picture taken from: Loopnews Emancipation Monuments of the Caribbean